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Remember that time when you were out with your buddies and you had that great idea? Did it turn out to be a not-so-great idea? A time like that can be worth a laugh or two later, but not when it adversely impacts your business. We have the experience to recognize the difference between "those" ideas and well-planned strategies to achieve your business goals. Let us help you choose the most effective solutions for your business. Alaskan Aviation provides consulting for technology on multiple levels; computers, web, e-mail, pay-per-click, online advertising, marketing, and promotional strategies.

Some options include.

Website Analysis

Do you manage your own website? Not ready to hand it off to someone else, but ready for a little outside help? For $150, we review your website (up to 15 pages), give you a report highlighting suggestions for improving your website's appearance & user experience, fix any broken areas, and show you how to get a better return from your website.

  • $10 per additional page.
E-mail Streamlining

We will evaluate your current e-mail setup and let you know how to make your e-mail more accessible to you and a more valuable tool in managing your business.

  • Up to 5 e-mails.
  • $20 each additional e-mail.
Marketing Analysis
$625 starting

We will review your previous year's marketing expenditures, analyze the ROI, and make suggestions on how to more effectively market your business for the future.

Social Marketing Analysis

Social marketing is great if you can get it to work for you. What's the benefit of social marketing? Social marketing means with a little leg work, you can keep friends and customers interested in your business. And if you execute it properly, you can get them talking about you with their friends and their friends become clients. Word of mouth is the best marketing method because the referral often comes from a trusted source. Let us find ways to get people talking about your business.